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Ernest Paltrow

"Our night at Synergy was the best I've had for a long time. I like how it's all put together, the place is great and the people is a lot of fun. The energy keeps up all night long, we got drinks and games, we had a great time."

Daniel Adams

"I love Synergy Casino, it's one of my favourite places to go in the weekend. Of course I would recommend it to other people, they will have a lot of fun if they go there. I personally suggest that you try the margheritas, their recipe is just awesome."

Regina Lloyd

"Synergy is one of those places where you can go no matter your mood and you will always have a good time. The atmosphere is so great it just cheers you up and you forget about everything, you just have a nice time."


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Enjoy our drinks and shows and play the best games.

Are you up for some fun and excitement?

Welcome to Synergy Casino, four floors of fun, adrenaline and good times with your friends and companions. You can drop by any time and give our many games a try. Once you step inside Synergy Casino, you are instantly surrounded by the colour, the sounds and, of course, laughter everywhere. You can join the fun and be one of the merry folks who are up for a good time. We are friendly and we want to spend a great night together. Come by and be a part of it!


The most awesome selection of casino games

It doesn't matter which is you favourite game, you can be sure that we have it. All traditional casino games are at Synergy Casino, and you can hop from one to the next for as long as you please. Sit around at one of our tables, our nice - and very attractve - dealers welcome you and will work all night so you can have a ton of fun. 

Our selection of classic casino games includes:



Slot machines



Spinning Wheel

We also have some utterly entertaining casino games that we have designed by ourselves, to give you a unique experience trying new stuff and placing bets here and there in the hopes that perhaps, perhaps, you'll hit big prize tonight! Come to Synergy Casino to try the Cliff of Dangers, the Whacky Race and Rapunzel's Tower. We've also got a full floor dedicated to festival-like games, so you can throw rings, shoot targets and aim for the big fluffy pink teddy bear. 

Awesome shows every Friday and Saturday night!

We have great games, but why stop there? Every Friday and Saturday we have the best shows for you to enjoy a break in your gaming or just get in the mood for a night of gambling. We have the best comedians, singers and dancers in a flashy stage with great music and colourful lights. What a way to get started with a night of party!

Our spectacles include stand-up comedy, magic shows - with the participation of the audience! -, great live concerts and performances, and of course, some dancing and acrobatics with our very, very beautiful performers. Don't hesitate to check our schedule and find out what is on this weekend!

Enjoy our snack bar and drink selection

We want to give you only the best so your night is complete, and that's why we've hired great bartenders who will make the best cocktails and drinks for you to enjoy any time of the night. You can also try our snack bar or even have a full dinner at our restaurant in the second floor. Our chefs are specialists in preparing fitting dishes for the night mood, and you can also grab a bite if you stay here until late and feel like you need to refill your guts. 

We welcome you at Synergy Casino, the most complete and thrilling night experience to loose track of time!